In 1961, near Garda Lake in Italy, Myrtha Pools made its first splash in the aquatics market.

Since that time, Myrtha has transformed the aquatics industry worldwide, with innovative pool design, breakthrough technology and game-changing efficiency.
As we approach our 60th year, we continue to shape the future of aquatics with creativity, innovation and leadership.

Design, manufacture, build, install… it’s all in day’s work. In more than 70 countries worldwide, we’ve installed 10’s of thousands of pools.

With a portfolio of patents to our name, our research and development success has helped us transform pool building technology. We continue to push at the edges of our industry to find safer, smarter, lighter, tougher, faster ways to compete.

We have conquered climates (Iceland, Saudi Arabia), been to the Olympics (Atlanta, Beijing, London, Rio), we create restorative wellness pools, magical infinity pools and magnificent water parks.

And perhaps most amazingly, the majority of the World Records in swimming were set in Myrtha pools! So, the most amazing thing in this “About Us” section, isn’t even about us, it’s about swimming. And that’s the way we like it.


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Green Technologies

All Myrtha Pools are engineered, using our proprietary, modular system, in stainless steel, PVC and the highest quality finishes. Any project’s environmental impact is critically important – particularly in countries requiring LEED certification or those with aggressive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions standards. Myrtha Pool reduces GHG emissions by as much as 45%.


As world leader in the aquatics industry, we drive innovation, develop new technologies and deliver excellence in all areas of our business. Our work in designing and building competition and free-form pools has revolutionized the industry delivering efficient, flexible, smart solutions to the most complex challenges.

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